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About Us


Development in Education and Literacy Organization (DELO) is a non-governmental, non-
profit and non-political women-led NGO registered in Afghanistan. Since operations began
in the early 2015, DELO has gradually evolved into long-term education development
organization. DELO works primarily in the area of education, teacher training, women
empowerment and rural development. DELO has a full-fledged office and a team of
professionals in Kabul.
DELO shall support primary education for children, adult literacy
for youth, women, and teacher training. Education for girls shall be
prioritized. DELO support formal and informal education programs
(community based classes). DELO strives to achieve SDG-4 in
Afghanistan by 2030. DELO introducing good quality, cost-
efficient learning institutions. DELO supports education at all
levels, from community level education system to national
 Protecting Children
 Promoting Education
 Empowering Youth
DELO’s mission is to improve the quality of life through education and takes a holistic
approach to education, work with schools to develop their school infrastructure, provide
better learning environment, through training, education oversight, monitoring provide high
quality pre-school education and provide nutrition & education services to children with
special needs. In addition, DELO holds the view that education, health and rural
development are decisive in promoting positive social development in Afghanistan. Our key
focus areas are:
Community Based Education (CBE)
Women Scholarship Program (WSP)
Vocational and Technical Skills (VTS)
School Management and Oversight (SMO)
Civic Education (CE)
Teacher Trainings (TT)
Child Protection (CP)
Education Research (ER)
Nutrition in Schools (NIS)
Media Information and Literacy (MIL)

Our Initiatives

1. Girls Education Partnership (GEP):
DELO is managing Girls Education Partnership (GEP) in Afghanistan and the objective is
to coordinate activities for improved girls education in Afghanistan.

2. Afghanistan National Youth Institute:
DELO in partnership with Deputy Ministry of Youth Affairs has established the first ever
national youth institute in Kabul in Jan 2017. The overall objective of the Afghanistan
National Youth Institute (ANYI) is to enable young Afghans take active part in
development through improved access to information, resources and careers counseling in

Global Affiliations/ Membership/ Partnerships

Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)
International Literacy Alliance (ILA)
Global Partnership for Education (GPE)
Malala Fund- Gulmakai Network
ACSFO (National Education Oversight Committee)
Global Campaign for Education
Civicus World Alliance
ANEC- Afghanistan
Global Giving
Start Network- National HUB
UNESCO- Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and information Literacy-